FastCasual.com reports on the important news, events, trends, and people in the $23.5 billion fast casual restaurant industry segment. Recently, FastCasual released their second annual “Women in the Lead” series and we are so pleased and proud that Jane Grote-Abell, Chairwoman of the Board of the Donatos Pizza franchise, was featured this year.

In the article, Jane shares a lot about her background, her family, and her very early start in the restaurant industry. But what is most intriguing, is her take on the importance of placing people with a high Emotional Quotient in the C-suite. “A high Emotional Quotient in a leadership role,” Jane says, “allows a leader to truly demonstrate a Servant Leadership style which in turn empowers the team to be highly engaged.”

In the interview Jane mentions her book, The Missing Piece, and explains how a lot of the values that her book focuses on were gleaned through her experience with the Donatos franchise. Jane believes being a leader is more significant than the product that you sell. It is Jane’s philosophy that the people you serve is the most important piece of the pie.

Donatos thinks of itself as a family and upon reading Jane’s point-of-view on leadership—and her background—it’s really clear why they identify in this way.

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