Why Is Donatos the Right Business For You?

Combine your drive with our expertise.

With 55+ years of perfect pizza making behind us, Donatos knows the ins and outs of running a successful pizza business. Our Franchise Partners and associates embrace our business model and processes and share in our belief that every aspect of our business is important.

Hear from Jane Grote Abell, one of the founders and executive chairwoman.

A restaurant with the recipe for success.

We use our 54 company-owned restaurants as the testing grounds for new processes and menu items. When we know something works for both efficiency and profitability, we pass it on to our Franchise Partners. Here are just a few of the ways that you benefit:

Donatos franchise location
  • Efficient kitchens allow popular menu items to be prepared to meet peak demand, as well as meet catering demand
  • Predictive intelligence calculates delivery times and demand for drivers
  • Guests can order easily from both the website and our app for delivery, drive-up and pick up
  • Flexible restaurant designs such as drive-up windows enhance guest experience and therefore profitability
  • With a $1.29M Average Unit Volume (AUV)*, Donatos restaurants have a 35% higher AUV than the average of the Top 5 Pizza Chains in the US**

Consistently delicious.

We’re proud to provide a consistently delicious product, across all Donatos locations. This dedication is embodied by our motto, “Same Pizza, Anytime, Anywhere.” For our Franchise Partners, this commitment has led us to develop systems that take the guesswork out of running your franchise.

Dough icon

We make the dough.

Our proprietary Famous Thin, Thicker, and Hand Tossed pizza crusts are made at the home office bakery and shipped to your location. This is to ensure a consistent product from location to location and from pizza to pizza.

Pizza Icon

We set the standards.

To reach peak pizza perfection, we developed a formula that explicitly spells out how much to use of each ingredient by weight and specific bake times. This allows our restaurants to focus on pizza production, reducing food costs, and delivering great customer service.

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We innovate the menu.

Our Menu Innovation Team has extensive experience and constantly tests new menu options to ensure that our offerings are on-trend and keep customers coming back for more. Meet our team behind this innovation.

Mike Simon, Multi-unit Franchise Partner

It is a tremendous advantage to the Franchise Partner that Donatos supplies the restaurant with pizza crusts that are ready to go. It saves you time, there’s less labor costs and fewer inconsistencies.

– Mike Simon, Multi-unit Franchise Partner

Pizza Perfection.

There are eight key ingredients that make our pizzas stand out from the competition and ramp up the crave factor for our brand fans and newbies alike.

Edge to Edge® pizza

Our pizzas are loaded Edge to Edge® with toppings so your pizza is consistent, and there’s no more fighting over the best piece.


Pepperoni Pizza

We put 100 pieces of family recipe pepperoni on every large thin crust pepperoni pizza.


Customers enjoying Donatos Pizza

Famous Thin Crust pizza that’s party cut, so there’s more to go around!


Greek To Me Pizza

We slice our fresh Roma tomatoes, onions, and green peppers each day for our pizzas, subs, and salads.


Donatos pizza and sides

We take pride in our dough. Whether it’s our famous thin crust, cauliflower, gluten free, hand tossed or thicker crust, it is baked to golden perfection.


Fresh cheese and tomatos

We use real aged smoked Provolone cheese because it’s more flavorful.


Ham and Provolone sub

No artificial flavors or colors in our pizzas, subs, or salads.


Caprese salad

The chicken in our pizzas, subs, and entrée salads is sliced natural white meat.

Ongoing training and support and a team behind you.

The training programs and expertise we use to educate over 1,900 company associates who operate high-performing restaurants is available to you and your staff. This includes custom-designed curricula for Franchise Partners and your management staff. We also provide an ongoing, online training curriculum for your associates. You’ll have the support of these industry experts:

Donatos staff training

Field Marketing Manager

  • Annual plan development
  • Local opportunity exploration

Local Store Marketing

  • Website, social, and email communication of promotions
  • Media and PR services
  • Marketing dashboard insights and intelligence

Franchise Business Consultant

  • Weekly profitability report
  • Monthly P&L review
  • Annual business plan and budget development
  • Best practices report
  • Three restaurant visits per year to provide feedback on operations and to train associates

Donatos is hotter than ever. Now’s the time to join our family.

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