These New Donatos Cheese Breads Come in Two Options

This article was originally published in Trend Hunter on February 1st, 2024.

These new Donatos Cheese Breads are making their debut at participating locations to provide patrons with a regional cuisine-inspired experience on their next visit.

The new menu items come in two options including the Mariachi Cheese Bread and the Italian Cheese Bread, which draw comparisons to Mexican and Italian cuisine, respectively. The Mariachi Cheese Bread starts off with provolone cheese before being paired with hardwood-smoked bacon, jalapeños and mariachi spice, and comes served with side of sour cream for dipping. The Italian Cheese Bread features asiago and provolone cheeses along with Roma tomatoes, green olives and marinara on the side for dipping.

The new Donatos Cheese Breads are launching for just $6 each when ordering any medium or large pizza now through March 24, 2024.

Trend Themes

1. Regional Cuisine-inspired Breads - These new Donatos Cheese Breads offer a unique twist to traditional bread options, tapping into the popularity of regional cuisines.

2. Mariachi Cheese Bread - The Mariachi Cheese Bread combines provolone cheese, hardwood-smoked bacon, jalapeños, and mariachi spice to create a flavorful and spicy bread option.

3. Italian Cheese Bread - The Italian Cheese Bread showcases the combination of asiago and provolone cheeses, Roma tomatoes, green olives, and marinara sauce, providing a tasty Italian-inspired bread choice.

Industry Implications

1. Fast Food - The introduction of Donatos Cheese Breads reflects the continuous innovation in the fast food industry, catering to customers' desire for unique and diverse menu offerings.

2. Pizza Delivery - The inclusion of Donatos Cheese Breads as an add-on option to pizza orders presents an opportunity for pizza delivery services to enhance their offerings and increase customer satisfaction.

3. Bakery - The creation of regional cuisine-inspired breads by Donatos opens up possibilities for bakeries to experiment with unique flavor combinations and attract customers looking for innovative baked goods.

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