Expand Your Portfolio with Donatos Pizza: Bill Aseere's Successful Franchise Story

In franchising, selecting the right brand to add to your portfolio can make all the difference in achieving personal and financial success. Multi-unit franchise partner Bill Aseere's journey with Donatos Pizza exemplifies the potential for success and expansion when an entrepreneur's values align with a brand.

Donatos Pizza has consistently been the right brand for Bill’s multi-unit portfolio because of the Donatos mission - to promote goodwill through product, service, principles, and people. Through this mindset, Donatos Pizza helps franchise partners like Bill make important decisions when it comes to growing their business and aids them in analyzing what’s most important when they begin multi-unit expansion.

The Path to Entrepreneurship

Bill embarked on his journey in the restaurant industry at the age of 14, marking the beginning of a career that would see him climb the ranks to manage multiple restaurants before ultimately venturing into a successful franchise partnership with Donatos Pizza. The cornerstone of his business philosophy—a blend of entrepreneurial zeal and a commitment to continuous personal and professional growth—was inherited from his grandfather. His grandfather not only instilled in him a profound entrepreneurial spirit but also imparted a pivotal life lesson: harness the best qualities in people, absorb wisdom from every encounter, and keep expanding your strengths. This ethos has become the bedrock upon which Bill constructs his multi-unit businesses, guiding his every decision and interaction within the industry.

As he worked his way up in the restaurant industry, he was a managing partner at a sports bar and a multi-store General Manager for another pizzeria for 17 years. Through his experience and journey in the restaurant industry, Bill emphasized that the consistent, high-quality product and core values of Donatos Pizza stood out from the rest, creating an excellent reputation and solid foundation for potential multi-unit franchise partners.

"Even when I worked for a competitive pizzeria before, on my off days, my wife and I would go to lunch at Donatos; that was always my favorite pizza," Bill states. "But they also share the same values I have; they are all about supporting their people and caring for communities.”

As a General Manager in the pizza industry, Bill discovered a surprising but flattering misconception among his employees: many believed he was already an owner, given his significant involvement in community activities and generous donations to local charities. This realization, coupled with his innate entrepreneurial drive and profound resonance with the core values of Donatos Pizza, propelled him to embrace franchising and take the bold step of becoming a business owner. Bill opened his first location in Independence, KY, in 2018. This decision wasn't just a career move; it was a leap toward fulfilling his entrepreneurial aspirations and deepening his commitment to the community he so passionately served.

Rapid, Multi-Unit Expansion with Donatos Pizza

Today, Bill owns 22 restaurants, comprising 17 Donatos Pizza, 3 Guthrie’s Chicken, and 2 Whit’s Frozen Custard locations. His multi-unit expansion, in an industry where 96% of multi-unit restaurants are planning expansion despite operational challenges, exemplifies Bill’s proactive approach to expansion and his dedication to the Donatos Pizza mission.

"We originally only signed a 3-store agreement," Bill states. "I give Independence everything for allowing us to catapult from one store to 22 in six years. They received us with open arms, and we made so many great connections."

As the owner of multiple franchise locations, Bill has learned the importance of a strong chain of command, and he believes in providing people with the freedom they need to excel in their jobs. He engages in various administrative duties, checks financials and results, has seven employees who directly report to him, and regularly gives them feedback. However, Bill also stresses the importance of an in-person approach and loves to check in and regularly engage with the people in his restaurants.

"I like to stop in and help out, roll up the sleeves, throw an apron on, and make some pizzas," he states. "I usually go to a store for lunch and go to a store for dinner on Friday, being engaged and supporting my people like that is so important to me."

The Power of Community at Donatos Pizza

A profound commitment to others is at the heart of Bill's multi-unit expansion and success with Donatos Pizza. His leadership style emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive environment where employees feel valued and empowered. "We understand that without our employees, we wouldn’t succeed," Bill states. This approach has cultivated a workplace across his restaurants where team members are motivated to deliver their best, knowing they have the support and appreciation of their leadership.

Bill's dedication to community involvement extends beyond the walls of his restaurants to the communities they serve. "When we achieve success, that's community success. We love sharing that and partnering with local sports teams or organizations."

Plans for the Future

Looking to the future, Bill plans to continue expanding his multi-unit businesses that align with his core values of community and quality. For entrepreneurs and franchise partners looking to expand their portfolio, Donatos Pizza represents a valuable opportunity to partner with a brand that prioritizes people, quality, and support. "I'm an entrepreneur at heart and love to grow businesses, but I always want to make sure it's the right time to grow and a smart time to grow," Bill states. "If the opportunity arises for something that we believe checks our core values like Donatos Pizza does, we would always entertain that possibility."

Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level with a brand dedicated to your success? Contact Donatos Pizza today to find out how to open a location in your area.

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