Donatos Pizza: 4 Franchising Trends to be on the Look-Out for in 2024

The franchise industry is experiencing various trends reshaping how brands operate and collaborate with their franchise partners. Donatos Pizza remains dedicated to navigating and thriving in this dynamic franchising landscape, with a foundation that helps franchise partners meet evolving needs and a dedication to continually enhancing operations and implementing strategic initiatives.

1. Technology Integration

In an era of technological advancements, integration is critical to all industries, especially franchising. Artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive intelligence are changing the game for franchise brands. At Donatos Pizza, innovation has always been a core value. For 60 years, the brand has pioneered cutting-edge technology and automation solutions that enhance pizza-making and improve guest experiences.

Donatos Pizza collaborates with companies like Agape Automation to test new technology, like the Sm^rt Saucer and Sm^rt Pepp, to streamline the pizza-making process and aid associates in creating a more consistent and high-quality product faster. Additionally, with a top-of-the-line ordering platform, Donatos Pizza prioritizes technology to streamline the delivery process and enhance customer experiences. From predictive intelligence features that calculate delivery times to an efficient kitchen setup, Donatos Pizza leverages technology to improve efficiency.

Through these benefits and commitment to consistent innovation, Donatos Pizza is leading the technology wave, bringing value and empowering franchise partners with the tools they need to succeed on their entrepreneurial journeys.

2. Expanding with Non-Traditional Locations and Partnerships

This year, franchises will expand beyond traditional brick-and-mortar locations. This aims to tap into new markets and demographics, so you might see more franchises in places like airports, train stations, and colleges. Additionally, more franchises will begin strategic partnerships with other brands to leverage their combined resources and expand further.

Last year, Donatos Pizza hit many new markets and created many meaningful partnerships. One example beyond traditional locations is Robert E. Lee, who owns and operates two thriving Donatos Pizza locations in John Glenn International Airport in Columbus, Ohio. Robert’s restaurants promote goodwill and stand out as some of the brand’s top performers, and he has previously been recognized as a franchise partner of the year. When you franchise with Donatos Pizza, you have the opportunity like Robert to own a beloved business and tap into exciting markets.

Throughout 2023, Donatos Pizza focused on growth through many flourishing partnerships. One standout was the partnership with Red Robin, a game-changer that has set a sturdy foundation for the brand to grow and expand. Donatos Pizza also started a partnership with the Cincinnati Bengals and is recognized as the team’s Official Pizza. The premium pizzas were served this season throughout 12 concession stands at Paycor Stadium.

These two partnerships created growth opportunities, expanding traditional and non-traditional locations across the United States. When you franchise with Donatos Pizza, you can own a reliable, lasting business and choose to franchise with a brand firmly committed to your growth.

3. A Higher Focus on Franchise Support

Comprehensive training and ongoing support for franchise partners are key components at Donatos Pizza. An experienced team of professionals is dedicated to helping you from initial planning to ongoing operations. As a Donatos Pizza franchise partner, you will be supported by a dedicated franchise business consultant to assist with your annual business plan and budget development. This expert will visit your restaurant routinely to provide feedback on operations and support ongoing training.

Franchise partners also have access to custom curricula for management as well as online training courses for associates. An experienced marketing team supports franchise partners with creative assets, merchandising materials, and digital marketing including email, text, and social media. With over 60 years of premium pizza-making experience, Donatos Pizza knows the ins and outs of the restaurant industry. With such a wealth of knowledge and resources, when you franchise with Donatos Pizza, you are always supported and guided on your journey to achieving your business goals.

4. An Increased Focus on Personalized Customer Experiences

As more consumers crave personalized experiences, the franchise industry undergoes many changes to meet demands and deliver exactly what customers want. At Donatos Pizza, everything starts from the core focus of providing premium, quality experiences to customers.

Pizzas are loaded Edge to Edge with the highest quality toppings prepared to a high standard with the best, freshest ingredients. Additionally, with various menu options like customizable pizzas and a dedicated loyalty rewards program, customers can create personalized orders and pizzas that suit every one of their preferences. Rewards members at Donatos Pizza earn points on every order they can redeem on a wide range of menu items at any time, and email and text subscribers get personalized offers based on their location and order history.

This commitment to quality, paired with the technology advancements to improve the delivery system, ensures customers who order Donatos Pizza get an experience specifically personalized to them, receive the highest quality pizza, and get the most efficient delivery.

When you choose to franchise with Donatos Pizza, you get a trusted and proven business model, a network that supports you on your business journey, and the opportunity to make a difference in your community. As the franchise industry evolves, the brand remains ahead of trends to continue spreading goodwill through pizza. Contact Donatos Pizza today to learn more about their brand and exceptional franchise opportunity.

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