A Commitment to Innovation at Donatos Pizza

Since 1963, Donatos Pizza has been a pioneer in restaurant innovation, enhancing the pizza-making world and improving guest experiences with cutting-edge solutions.

Advancing Through Partnerships

This year, Appetronix and Donatos Pizza started a partnership to spearhead a fully autonomous pizza vending machine prototype, combining cutting-edge technology with the art of creating delicious pizzas. This partnership, in collaboration with Agápe Automation and the Grote Company, promises customers a more seamless dining journey.

Jim Grote, Founder of Donatos Pizza, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to be working with Appetronix to deliver an intuitive, automated system to create our pizza, accessible to people everywhere. Utilizing technology to provide a better customer experience through improved speed and product consistency has been a focus of mine since the first Donatos restaurant opened."

Nipun Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO of Appetronix Inc., emphasized the transformative impact of this collaboration, stating, "We're honored to partner with the Grote family and contribute to the future of one of the most iconic pizza brands in the United States. Our collective expertise is poised to revolutionize the restaurant industry and accelerate our growth strategy."

A Dedication to Improvement

Agápe Automation and the Grote Company have both been long-term collaborators with Donatos Pizza. Agápe Automation is the innovation arm, focusing on pioneering new technologies and smaller prep-bots for existing kitchens. Simultaneously, the Grote Company, renowned for its history of state-of-the-art slicing and food assembly equipment, provides invaluable expertise when creating solutions.

Donatos Pizza collaborates with both of these companies to introduce new innovations that are easily accessible to franchise partners. These cutting-edge technologies help streamline repetitive pizza-making tasks, allowing more time for personalized interactions and fostering deeper connections within the community. This balance between innovative technology and genuine human interactions aligns perfectly with the foundation of Donatos Pizza—to promote goodwill through product and service, principles and people.

Unmatched Benefits for Franchise Partners

Donatos Pizza prides itself on offering its franchise partners unparalleled advantages. With over 60 years of premium pizza-making experience, Donatos Pizza knows the ins and outs of running a successful pizza business. Through technology, Donatos Pizza has enhanced its digital ordering platform, making ordering more convenient for customers and accounting for over 80% of sales. The predictive intelligence feature streamlines delivery times and driver demand, further optimizing the ordering process. Flexible restaurant designs and efficient kitchens ensure swift item preparation, elevate guest experiences, and boost profitability.

Donatos Pizza utilizes its 50+ company-owned restaurants as testing grounds for new processes and menu items, passing on successful methods to their franchise partners to increase profitability and continue delivering high-quality, premium pizza experiences to their community. Besides leveraging cutting-edge technology for franchise partners, Donatos Pizza also provides comprehensive hands-on training and expert support, guiding franchise partners and giving them an edge in delivering exceptional, high-quality pizza experiences.

Are you interested in opening a pizza restaurant? Contact Donatos Pizza today to learn more about how they prioritize franchise partners through innovative solutions that enhance the customer experience.

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