Tasting Success: A Year in Review at Donatos Pizza Franchise and What's Cooking for 2024

Reflecting on the year passed, Donatos Pizza is thrilled to celebrate expansion milestones, innovation, and community engagement achieved in 2023. With the opening of several new locations this year, Donatos Pizza proudly boasts over 460 locations nationwide.

Expansion and Partnerships

Donatos Pizza has opened over 30 locations this year, including five traditional stores and 26 strategic partnerships. Donatos Pizza plans to build on this successful expansion and open more than 150 restaurants in 2024.

A significant highlight of the recent success of Donatos Pizza and a key to what lies ahead is the strategic partnership forged with the esteemed full-service restaurant chain Red Robin. This collaboration has seen Donatos Pizza thrive across 274 Red Robin locations, a testament to the synergy and success of both brand’s shared values and passion for quality offerings.

"Our partnership with Red Robin has truly been a game-changer," states Kevin King, President of Donatos Pizza. "It's exhilarating to witness this partnership flourish. The success of our Red Robin locations has set a sturdy foundation for our bold vision of expanding traditional store growth across the United States."

The path to success at Donatos Pizza results from a focused growth strategy and an unwavering commitment to partnering with franchise partners with the same core values. Jeff Baldwin, VP of Development and Franchising, emphasizes this, stating "Our brand's robust growth strategy, coupled with our dedication to aligning with franchise partners who resonate with Donatos’ values, positions us perfectly to continue cultivating a pipeline of new franchise candidates and store commitments for years to come."

Accelerating Innovation

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation for over 60 years, Donatos Pizza harnesses cutting-edge technology to revolutionize efficiency and profitability. This year, the brand continued its partnership with Agápe Automation to enhance efficiencies and consistency in the pizza-making process.

Donatos Pizza and Agápe Automation have collaborated to develop the Sm^rt Saucer, a device that automates the precise application of pizza sauce, ensuring consistency in every pie. They have also introduced the Sm^rt Ring, a device that assists with the speed and accuracy of applying cheese, and the Sm^rt Pepp, a device that slices and applies pepperoni.

These innovative solutions have streamlined production and reduced excess food waste, contributing to more sustainable and time-efficient operations.

In 2023, Donatos Pizza partnered with Appetronix to test and launch a fully autonomous pizza vending machine. This partnership is a significant step towards developing a fully autonomous restaurant that combines cutting-edge technology with the art of making delicious pizzas. Franchising with Donatos Pizza gives you access to cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that enhance your store’s operations to help you stay ahead of the restaurant industry.

Recognized for these pioneering efforts, Donatos Pizza received the prestigious 2023 CREATORS award by Nation's Restaurant News this year, a national accolade acknowledging the brand's top innovations in the restaurant industry.

Community Engagement

Donatos Pizza is known not only for crafting exceptional pizza experiences and consistent expansions but also for its deep commitment to serving and enriching communities. With 463 locations across 29 states, including 178 traditional restaurants that serve customers across multiple states, Donatos Pizza extends its reach far across the nation, making a huge impact on people’s lives. In 2023, Donatos Pizza remained dedicated to this commitment to serving and enriching others. The Donatos Family Foundation has been actively involved in community outreach this year, launching system-wide fundraising initiatives to support local organizations.

Franchising with Donatos Pizza offers entrepreneurs a rewarding business opportunity to become more than just business owners but integral parts of their community. Donatos Pizza is also committed to this mission within the franchise network, fostering a family-like culture that prioritizes franchise partners. When you choose to franchise with Donatos Pizza, you get access to over 60 years of premium pizza-making expertise and extensive support throughout your business journey, paving the way for success.

Plans for 2024

As Donatos Pizza looks ahead to the exciting prospects of 2024, this commitment to growth, innovation, and community engagement remains unwavering. The coming year is poised to be another chapter of expansion, innovation, and shared success for Donatos Pizza—a journey that continues to reward its franchise partners and delight customers nationwide.

Ready to make a meaningful impact within your community and join a legacy of growth? Contact Donatos Pizza today to learn how to open one in your area.

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