Steps to Ownership: Your Path to Opening A Donatos Pizza Franchise

For many entrepreneurs, there is an eagerness to begin the process of owning a franchise, but some future partners may have hesitation due to uncertainty around what the process entails. At Donatos Pizza, we are committed to helping aspiring business owners achieve their goals. That’s why we’ve made the process of owning a Donatos simple, organized, and straightforward, so there’s no guesswork for future franchise partners. When beginning the steps towards ownership, Donatos is there to support entrepreneurs with transparent information and quality assistance, key factors that remain consistent throughout the initial process and beyond.

So, You Want to Own a Donatos?

Once someone has decided they want to pursue owning a Donatos, they will complete the initial step of submitting an inquiry. Potential franchise partners will have an introductory phone call, and a member of the Donatos development team will reach out with an overview of what’s involved in owning a Donatos. Through this initial step, potential franchise partners have the opportunity to connect with the Donatos team, building relationships and receiving all the information they’ll need to move forward in the process of owning their own location.

Step two in the path to ownership begins with a meeting, which involves receiving and acknowledging the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), followed by the submission of applications and resumes of any potential operating partners. Here, future franchise partners can discuss the resources and business planning tools that Donatos offers to help them get started and what they can expect from Donatos for future support as a franchise partner. Donatos leadership has worked to ensure that all information is up front and transparent, so there’s no confusion on support details for the entrepreneur.

Next, entrepreneurs visit Donatos restaurants to get a better feel for what ownership within the brand is like. Existing franchise partners are ready to discuss the franchising experience with potential partners, giving entrepreneurs a closer look into the process of what future outcomes can look like as a partner themselves. The Donatos team will also discuss particular areas of interest when it comes to the future store location. Once potential partners have gone through these processes, they are invited to Discovery Day at Donatos headquarters in Columbus, OH. Discovery Day offers franchise partners the ability to connect in-person with the Donatos team, ask any questions they might have, and further discuss support and location details. Prior to attending, franchise partners will have completed their business plan, financial verification, and personal profile within the Donatos system.

Joining the Family

The final step on the path to becoming a Donatos franchise partner involves the provision of an operating agreement and entity information, where entrepreneurs submit all necessary legal documents, including vital development and franchise agreements. Once a future partner completes this step, they continue by signing any final forms and submitting payment for associated fees. With that, the entrepreneur is officially a part of the Donatos family. Donatos consistently works hard to ensure that every franchise partner feels confident and fully informed throughout the process of beginning their location ownership. After the final step to ownership, our brand continues to offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to new partners, ensuring a successful and informative experience leading to business success.

Expectations Versus Reality

Donatos franchise partners speak for the Donatos franchise community in regard to their experience with the process of owning their own location. Multi-unit franchise partner Spence Sheldon noted that, “We couldn’t find a false note within the franchise - [the people who ran the steps to ownership] were real and genuine.” Multi-unit franchise partners John and Jennifer Byrne also had a fantastic experience when beginning their journey to owning a Donatos, saying, “They care about people-first, they care about the community, [and] everybody gets a piece... [Donatos] is just a great organization from top to bottom.”

Donatos is proud to offer a values-based approach to business, and we seek those same qualities in our franchise partners. Donatos loves to partner with entrepreneurs from all walks of life who hold the values of integrity, goodwill, and passion for their venture. With these elements in place, along with the tried and tested process that leads to owning a Donatos, partnering with our brand is a path to success that future franchise partners can feel confident in.

Take the first step towards your franchise ownership journey by contacting the Donatos team today, and find out what current franchise partners have to say about their experiences:

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