Are You Ready to Become a Donatos Franchise Partner?

Qualified candidates should have:

  • Business acumen & previous business or management experience
  • A commitment to treating guests and associates with the highest ethical standards
  • A desire to be involved with the local community
  • A passion for the foodservice industry and desire to be involved in daily operations







We Want You to Have a Long-Term Partnership With Us.

When you become a Donatos Franchise Partner, you have the rights to a 20-year contract and a renewal fee of $0.

View Our Investment Breakdown
Franchise Fee $30,000 $30,000

Security Deposit Under Lease

$2,000 $4,200

Three Months’ Lease Rent and Real Estate Expenses

$6,000 $12,700

Leasehold Improvements

$25,000 $250,000

Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment

$220,000 $240,000

Computer System

$16,000 $21,000

EDGE/TRIO Software License Fee 

$4,000 $4,000

Liquor License

$0 $10,000

Opening Inventory and Supplies

$10,000 $15,000

Grand Opening Advertising   

$20,000 $30,000

Training Expenses

$1,000 $20,000

Learning Management System Fee

$360 $500

Miscellaneous Opening Costs

$2,000 $10,000

Working Capital

$25,000 $50,000


$361,360 $697,400

The above investment amounts are based upon our prototype in-line commercial restaurant of 2,000 square feet seating 25-35 seats. Your investment may differ upon the size of your restaurant. Please see Items 6 and 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document which describes the various start-up costs.

Steps to Becoming a Franchise Partner

Step 1 :: Let’s Meet!

Once you fill out the contact form, a member of our Franchise Development team will get in touch with you to discuss what you’ll need to make a strong business decision.

Step 2 :: Program Review Webinar

Get a comprehensive overview of the opportunity, financial performance of existing locations, support services, and the Donatos culture. Afterward, simply fill out a profile form to help us learn more about why we’d make great Partners.

Step 3 :: Deep Dive

We’ll share our Franchise Disclosure Document, which provides pertinent details about the company, our business model, and every aspect of our Franchise Partnerships. Next, we’ll schedule time to discuss the document, as well as the markets and number of locations you’re considering, financing, and more.

Step 4 :: Meet Our Partners

We’ll put you in touch with Donatos Franchise Partners who have a wealth of information and are happy to answer your questions.

Step 5 :: Franchise Application

Only after completing the due diligence phase of the journey will you submit a formal franchise application to become a Franchise Partner. A franchise application includes a personal financial statement and supporting documentation for each Partner (when applicable). There is no cost associated with submitting your application.

Step 6 :: Discovery Day and Operations Tour

You will be invited to attend a Discovery Day at our home office in Columbus, OH. You will meet the ownership and management team in person and ask any remaining questions you have about the opportunity. You’ll also have an on-the-job experience in one of our local Donatos locations.

Step 7 :: Sign on the Dotted Line

After a confirmation of a successful Discover Day by both parties, we will submit franchise agreements outlining the restaurant development schedule, as agreed upon by Donatos and the Franchise Partner(s). Upon receipt of the signed agreements and the appropriate franchise fee, we will welcome you to the family of Donatos Franchise Partners!

Step 8 :: Welcome Aboard!

Congratulations! You’re ready to begin the real estate search process, which is the first step in your journey to the Grand Opening of your Donatos restaurant!

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  • Yes! I want to know more about the Donatos franchise opportunity.

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