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Giving More Than You Get is Important to Donatos

A recent article in Nation’s Restaurant News cited a speech given by Donatos President and CEO, Tom Krouse, about the role that restaurants play in communities. Moving beyond the merely transactional role that restaurants play, Krouse reminded his audience that that they are “stewards of the special moments in people’s lives.” While the customer is enjoying a delicious pizza, the Franchise Partner is also providing hospitality, training for its associates, first jobs, family connections and community connections as well. Krouse calls this, “giving much more than we get.”

Donatos Franchise Partners know this equation well. Todd Rogers, who owns 19 Donatos locations, talked about what Donatos tagline “Every Piece is Important” means to him. “That’s a big statement because it’s not just about the product. It’s about the people, our associates, our facilities, our customers, our service. Without each piece, we can’t deliver the whole product.”

Franchise Partner Doug DeVilbiss echoes that sentiment. “At Donatos we say, “Every Piece is Important”, and it’s true. It’s not just about the pizza. It’s about the people, it’s about the community. What we do is important,” said DeVilbiss.

Franchise Partner Brian Crumley understands the value of what a restaurant can do for people in the community, too. It happened in his own life when he was 15 years old and still in high school. His three older brothers all worked at Donatos and he followed in their footsteps.

“I worked there for twelve years and then I decided to become a Franchise Partner so that I could better support a family and hopefully have a business that someday my kids would want to work at,” he said.

Read the full article from Nation’s Restaurant News and learn why joining the Donatos family means promoting goodwill through our products and service, principles and people.

Food Industry Veteran Mike Simon is Proud of his Donatos Pizza Empire

With more than 25 years of experience with other restaurant franchise brands, Mike Simon chose Donatos and brings his love for the brand to 42 Donatos locations, 21 in Indianapolis, 16 in the Cincinnati area and five in Cleveland. He was first introduced to the brand by his business partner, who had lived in the Columbus area. Like the scads of people who visit Donatos, Simon loved the product first and foremost. As he looked at becoming a multi-unit Franchise Partner with Donatos, he was equally impressed with the Donatos culture.

“I liked the fact that it is a family-owned company, and that people-first attitude really came through. Plus, this is a fun business,” said Simon.

Not surprisingly, with a staff of more than 1,000 people, Simon’s days are jam-packed. He is an early riser, typically checking store sales by 4:30 a.m., heading to the office in the morning, and traveling to his locations three weeks out of the month to stay connected to his staff and his restaurant. Despite his busy schedule, Simon is underst

His restaurants are also testing grounds for new innovations, like the new store design, which premiered in August of 2016. He saw sales rise by 14% in November of that year, with more people dining in and picking up from the restaurant.

“People love the new design, but they wouldn’t want us to change a thing about our pizza. Our Edge to Edge® thin crust pizza and fresh toppings are what keep them coming back again and again,” said Simon.

Donatos Sets Sights on Nashville Expansion

There’s a capital city out there with a major university, a growing footprint of company headquarters, and a population of almost 2 million. It might sound like Columbus, but we’re talking about a location 380 miles southwest.

Alongside other Ohio-based companies, Donatos has begun its expansion in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Opening our first Nashville location in 2016, COO Tom Pendrey is optimistic for the future as we seek Franchise Partners to help us grow.

For more information about Donatos’ expansion in Nashville, click here or if you’re ready to help Donatos in a market that everyone is talking about, click the LEARN MORE button at the top of the page.

Life has Led Franchise Partner Back to her First Love – Donatos Pizza

For many Donatos Pizza brand fans, their first experience was as students at The Ohio State University. For new Franchise Partner, Angela Gordon, her first experience eating Donatos Pizza was when she was a child.

“My favorite food was pizza. So, it’s really no surprise that I would own a Donatos Pizza franchise,” said Gordon.

Her path to pizza was not a straight line, however, as she moved to different cities, helped her dad open his medical practice and surgery center, before moving to Chicago to work as an insurance underwriter. Then, when her daughter moved away to attend college, Gordon went looking for her next challenge. Her Donatos in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is the second location in the state.

“I look forward to having a successful business and a successful future. The most rewarding thing about being a Franchise Partner is developing people—watching my staff accomplish things that they didn’t think they could do. They have become like family to me and, in turn we are part of the bigger Donatos family.”

Gordon’s desire to give back is echoed by other Franchise Partners and indeed Donatos continues to be family-owned and operated. Multi-unit Franchise Partner Brian Crumley talked about mentoring his staff and what it has meant to him over the years.

“I started at Donatos when I was 15 years old. Now I give young kids those same opportunities when I hire them. Over the years, they come back to the restaurant and they’re all grown up and have families. And they thank me,” said Crumley.

To learn how you could become a Franchise Partner like Angela or Brian, complete the form by clicking LEARN MORE at the top of the page, or to read more about Angela Gordon’s story, click here.

Donatos Edge to Edge® Deliciousness

At Donatos, some would call us pizza perfectionists. Since 1963, we’ve been topping our proprietary crust with meticulously placed ingredients that spread from Edge to Edge®. You can see the magic of making our pizzas in this fun video here.

Our pizza’s craveability keeps our brand fans coming back for more and is encouraging us to expand our footprint to bring our pizza to newbies. Help us bring the party cut to more states throughout the East.

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Todd Rogers’ Story Proves that Donatos Pizza Brings Good Luck to Many

Some business success stories start with a step-by-step strategy, a clear idea of objectives, and a long-range plan. Todd Rogers’ business started out as a simple act of luck. After getting his degree in industrial engineering and an MBA from Ohio State University (OSU), a chance conversation with his tax attorney led him to Donatos, a fan favorite on the OSU campus.

After his tax attorney recommended that he look at the Donatos Franchise Opportunity, he began his journey to learn more. He met with the Donatos Franchise Team and the Grote family who own the brand.

“I liked the brand. I liked the family. I knew I could apply my engineering and business background to a restaurant concept. And who doesn’t love Donatos pizza?” said Rogers.

Clearly, Todd knows a good opportunity when he sees it, because he now owns 18 Donatos restaurants in the Dayton area.

Understandably proud of his pizza empire, Todd says being a multi-unit Franchise Partner allows him to create opportunities that can change people’s lives.

“I have people that have worked for me for more for 20 years. And people that started with me as delivery drivers, became supervisors, left to open their own places, and then came back to work with me at my Donatos,” said Rogers.

Stories like Todd’s are helping to fuel our amazing growth. We now have 155+ locations throughout the Southeast. Here are even more reasons to become a Donatos Franchise Partner:

reasons to franchise with Donatos


Learn more about franchising with Donatos Pizza and how the culture could can your life, and others too.

Donatos Pizza Named as a Best Franchise Deal

The world of franchising is booming with over 3,000 franchise concepts spanning 90 different categories*, so QSR’s seventh annual Best Franchise Deals is quite the undertaking. Assessing brands on everything from their key financial metrics to the happiness of the Franchise Partners in their system, the list ranks the top nine. On this year’s list? Donatos! We are honored to be on QSR’s list that features the best of the best.

We’ve experienced same-store sales growth from 2013 to 2016, have an AUV that’s rounding $1.1 million, and have built our system to more than 150 units. More than the numbers, Donatos has been around since 1963 and is continuing to modernize, to be more sustainable, and to deliver on the Edge to Edge® pizza, and culture our customers love and expect.

Learn more about joining one of the best and franchising with Donatos. Fill out the form for more information today!