We’re excited to share an article that Donatos Pizza’s Vice President of Franchise Operations, Amos Durbin, recently had published in Franchising.com.

The article highlights Amos’s method for successful system growth and an effective management tool that he leverages called “Big Rocks.” Who better to share insight on the secret to successful franchise operations than Amos, whose vision and process has taken the Donatos Pizza franchise to great heights?

The Big Rocks tool is a metaphor that emphasizes common traps that many businesses fall into wherein smaller concerns—Little Rocks—are prioritized and leave less space and energy for tackling the more substantial issues—Big Rocks.

In the article, Amos shares how Donatos Pizza franchise puts the focus on simplifying operations and maximizing franchise profitability. Amos goes on to further explain that in terms of operations, these two factors are what should be the focus for any restaurant business. The real key though, for any restaurant franchise, is to ensure that these principles run system-wide. Amos emphasizes the point by adding, “To succeed in franchising, the entire company must buy into and rally behind franchise growth goals.”

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