Recently, The Daily Independent in Ashland—the leading source for news in northeastern Kentucky—published an article about four former female coworkers who meet every week for lunch at their local Donatos Pizza franchise.

We are super excited to be part of a tradition and friendship that has spanned decades. These four ladies who lunch met as employees in the tax department of Ashland Oil. The friendship they formed was so strong, and had such a strong presence within the company, that they were nicknamed The Big Four.

Over the years, The Big Four shared in many activities, from the company softball team to a bowling league, but the weekly pizza lunch at their local Donatos is the one that has stayed consistent. And we couldn’t be prouder!

Chad Shipman, general manager of the Donatos Pizza franchise in Ashland location, said he and his staff truly enjoy their visits. “We have regulars, but they are our most regular customers. They’re like clockwork,” he said. “It’s nice to have people we get to know and to see familiar faces. It’s nice to know we’re making people’s day a little better.”

And since Donatos is all about family, it’s especially nice to celebrate and be a part of such long and loyal friendships.

Dave Parsons, field marketing manager for Donatos, agreed. “We appreciate their business, but we also appreciate what they represent—a great example of relationships that have grown over time to the point that they look forward each week to catching up with each other.” And we look forward to having them!

The ladies make no secret that they love the pizza, but what seems to keep these gatherings happening at Donatos is the feeling they get from the Donatos staff. Barb Hall, one of The Big Four, specifically calls out that they were impressed with the eatery’s shift manager from the first time they met her, and have continued to be impressed every week. Barb highlights this as one of the things that kept drawing them back.

We are so happy to know that we play a part in this impressive friendship. It really echoes what we hold dear at Donatos—strong, lasting relationships.

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