At Donatos Pizza Franchise, we like to think of ourselves as family. So, when one of our own does something heroic we are not only pleased, but proud.

Recently, People.com released an article about a Donatos Pizza delivery man who saved a family from a burning house in Kentucky. That man is Ralph Letner.

Ralph arrived at the delivery address and as soon as he surmised that there was a fire, Ralph rushed in to help the homeowner and his family. When asked what motivated him to crawl into a house filled with smoke Ralph said, “I just felt like God placed me there for a reason, because the way I was raised is to help people in all situations. And sometimes it can mean having to put your life on the line to help keep someone safe, and that’s what I did.”

The man whose home and family was rescued is Jesse Decker, and Jesse made it a point to call out that Ralph went above and beyond to help him and his family. “Oh, he’s a hero,” said Jesse, “he is a hero.”

We are always so proud of our Donatos Pizza family, but today we are especially proud of Ralph. We believe every piece is important, and in this case Ralph’s piece was more important than ever.

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