For the past 6 months, Murfreesboro, Tennessee has been the happy home of Angela Gordon’s Donatos Pizza franchise. Angela relocated to Tennessee to be a Donatos Franchise Partner, because she admired the company’s product, business philosophies, and leadership.

Gordon was thrilled to host the Ohio-based company’s board chairwoman, Jane Grote-Abell—a guest on CBS’s “Undercover Boss,” in 2013—as she received a commemorative key to the city from Mufreesboro’s Vice Mayor.

Curious about the philosophies that drove Angela to relocate and open a pizza franchise? You can read all about what makes Donatos the best pizza franchise out there in Jane’s book, “The Missing Piece: Doing Business the Donatos Way,” published in 2015.

The book tells the tale of Donatos, from their humble beginnings to the outstanding pizza franchise it is today! In her book, Jane also dives deep into her father’s entrepreneurial story and chronicles the events that lead to the family selling their family franchise to one of the world’s largest companies and then buying it back.

But, most critical to Angela’s desire to open a Donatos, is Jane and the brand’s belief in four principles of success: courage, character, conviction and compassion.

Through the Donatos Family Promise Fund and the Reeb Avenue Center it’s clear that Donatos is about giving back. It is this type of servant leadership that drove Angela to be a part of the Donatos family and helped turn Donatos into a household name.

If you’re interested in reading more about Jane Grote-Abell’s visit to Murfreesboro you can read the details in this Daily News Journal article.

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