Some would tell you that buying a franchise is strictly a rational decision based on research and crunching the numbers. While that is certainly important, we contend that buying a business is also an emotional decision.

For Sean and Jennifer Byrne, their a-ha moment came when they got in the habit of stopping for a Donatos pizza before heading to Kentucky football games. It became a ritual for the couple, as anticipated as the game itself. They decided that they needed to share their love for Donatos in their hometown of Owensboro, KY. Now, with their business partners Mark and Liane Riney, Sean and Jennifer have plans to open a second location in Evansville, Indiana and another in the Tri-State area.

Jennifer said that Donatos family-owned culture was a great fit. “Donatos cares about family first, they care about the community, everybody gets a piece of it. And they are all having fun doing it.”

“For my business partners and me, it began with loving the pizza. But it’s even more than that. Donatos promotes goodwill through its products, principles, service and people. It’s something we are very proud to own,” said Sean.

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