With more than 25 years of experience with other restaurant franchise brands, Mike Simon chose Donatos and brings his love for the brand to 42 Donatos locations, 21 in Indianapolis, 16 in the Cincinnati area and five in Cleveland. He was first introduced to the brand by his business partner, who had lived in the Columbus area. Like the scads of people who visit Donatos, Simon loved the product first and foremost. As he looked at becoming a multi-unit Franchise Partner with Donatos, he was equally impressed with the Donatos culture.

“I liked the fact that it is a family-owned company, and that people-first attitude really came through. Plus, this is a fun business,” said Simon.

Not surprisingly, with a staff of more than 1,000 people, Simon’s days are jam-packed. He is an early riser, typically checking store sales by 4:30 a.m., heading to the office in the morning, and traveling to his locations three weeks out of the month to stay connected to his staff and his restaurant. Despite his busy schedule, Simon is underst

His restaurants are also testing grounds for new innovations, like the new store design, which premiered in August of 2016. He saw sales rise by 14% in November of that year, with more people dining in and picking up from the restaurant.

“People love the new design, but they wouldn’t want us to change a thing about our pizza. Our Edge to Edge® thin crust pizza and fresh toppings are what keep them coming back again and again,” said Simon.