The Donatos Every Piece Is Important promise is wider reaching than just our commitment to delicious pizza. It stretches to include the entirety of our business model and the decisions we make as a company. Not satisfied with the status quo, we are constantly looking for initiatives that can drive down costs and make a big impact on the environment.

A few years ago, white bleached cardboard pizza boxes were traded in for ones made of brown kraft paper. The new boxes required less processing and were unbleached, biodegradable, and recyclable. Since many municipalities require pizza boxes to be free of oil in order to be recycled, Donatos placed a thin liner in our boxes to keep them clean. Through investment in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, we are able to ensure box materials are sourced from certified renewable materials.

Another innovative idea resulted from the brand’s signature dough-making plant sometimes generating leftover dough. Not wanting to waste these remnants, we worked hard to determine a solution. Donatos now donates the dough remnants to Bakery Feeds that recycle it into high energy feed ingredients used by hog and poultry farmers as supplemental feed. “One company’s waste can be another company’s raw materials. This innovative approach holds down our costs while reducing the energy needed to produce high quality food for livestock,” said President and CEO, Tom Krouse.

Looking at all areas of the business where we can help the environment and cut business costs, we re-engineered pizza production practices to help lessen the amount of shrink wrap our locations were using, allowing us to save 125,000 pounds of shrink wrap plastic being sent to landfills annually.

“At Donatos, we are generous with our toppings and provide Edge to Edge covering of our pizzas. However, when it comes to the environment and the stewardship of our natural resources, we believe less is better,” said Krouse.